Hancock Wildlife Foundation

Registered Name: Hancock Wildlife Foundation

Business Number: 831247127RR0001

Our Mission

Hancock Wildlife Foundation (HWF) was established to promote the conservation of wildlife and its habitats through science, education, and stewardship.


David Hancock, biologist, film maker, writer and publisher saw the opportunities offered by the Live Wildlife CAM projects as so important to conservation, education and research that he brought together a group of advisers and volunteers to operate the Hancock Wildlife Foundation extensive Web outreach.

David Hancock has studied the bald eagle for 50+ years from Alaska to Florida. In late 2005 he was giving a lecture on eagles on Vancouver Island when Doug Carrick was introduced to show a 15 minute video as part of the program. Doug's footage included a sequence of a female eagle laying an egg. David was incredibly impressed. Never in his 50 years of eagle viewing had he seen such an intimate scene of eagle life. Within two weeks David visited Doug on Hornby Island, worked out with his technical consultant, Richard Pitt, how to put this streaming video on the web and a new magnitude of Live Cam broadcasting was initiated. At the time, David figured this was an excellent way to get this scientifically significant view to researchers around the world, some of whom might even be physically disabled and otherwise unable to endure the rigors of climbing trees and sitting in blinds as David himself had done many times in his past researches.

By spring of 2006 just as the eagles were laying their eggs, the camera came online and a new field of study and a new branch of Internet use was born, that of long-term, live, wildlife viewing!

About Hancock Wildlife Foundation

Hancock Wildlife Foundation believes that through education and research we can better conserve our wildlife resources in the face of human interaction. Given time and encouragement the wildlife of our planet can co-exist with man as shown by the tremendous resurgence of the bald eagle in urban and suburban areas after being almost wiped out by poorly thought out laws and human greed.

The Hancock Wildlife Foundation is seeking funding for projects which include research and conservation initiatives. As the foundation grows, we will hire more staff-many younger talented people committed to our cause must still make a living. As David Hancock says, "If we can support that, then that is marvelous. However, it is both my position and belief that we will also find, already have found, so many additional talented people with some time (and or dollars) to give that "community stewardship". You, the volunteers, the stewards' of your community, my community-earth, are our biggest asset."

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