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Libya - Urgent Appeal for Help!

Registered Name: Hands For Charity

Business No: 719253122RR0001

Libya - Urgent Appeal for Help!

🌪️ Libya - Urgent Appeal for Help! 🌪️

We need your support to help the people affected by the devastating tornado in Libya.

Hands for Charity has launched a fundraising campaign to provide essential supplies and support to those in need. 

⚡ Thousands of families have lost their homes and belongings. 

⚡ Infrastructure is damaged, and many are left without access to clean water and food.

⚡ Medical aid is urgently needed to treat the injured and prevent the spread of diseases. 

Your donation can make a world of difference in their lives! 

💕 Join us in this noble cause to rebuild hope and restore lives. 💕

💰 Even a small contribution can go a long way. Every Dollar counts!

💰 Your donation will help provide food, water, medical aid, and shelter to those affected.

💰 Together, we can offer a lifeline to the survivors and help them emerge from this catastrophe.

Share this appeal with your friends, family, and colleagues. 

🙏 Let's show the people of Libya that we are here for them, that they are not alone in their struggle.

Let's make a difference together! 🌍