Handsome Alice Theatre

Registered Name: Handsome Alice Theatre Foundation

Business Number: 862298445RR0001


Handsome Alice is devoted to unleashing womxn's voices through the development, creation, and production of theatre works that are inclusive, curious, and rebellious.


A performance hive where big ideas meet creation.

Core Values

  • Ensure artistic excellence and integrity through artistic risk, freedom of expression, and creative collaborations.
  • Embrace diverse ideas, art forms, and communities.
  • Evoke imaginative alliances between artists and community.
  • Embody best business practices and responsible board governance.


Handsome Alice fuses art with life by activating womxn's voices to empower both artists and the community, creating theatre experiences with unique and diverse perspectives, honouring safe, inclusive spaces where artistic creation is encouraged through curiosity, bravery, and risk.  

What People Are Saying

"Handsome Alice Theatre's inVISIBLE is a show that celebrates the power, strength, and beautiful vulnerability of female perspectives, and it is not to be missed"

— Audience Feedback

"It [A Love Letter to Emily C] was gorgeous, wild, lovely, congrats to the whole team"

— Natalie Meisner - Audience

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