Hanover Public Library


Business Number: 108126947RR0001

The Library’s Vision:

Your library, your destination to discover and uncover life’s possibilities.

Our Mission Statement:

To be a welcoming upbeat community hub, enhancing the quality of life for all, empowering everyone to reach their potential through access to resources and activities for relaxation and lifelong learning.

What we do:

The library is a welcoming, safe location, open to all, and a centre of information and learning.  Our staff are friendly, helpful and provide expert guidance to everyone seeking knowledge, help, information or a good read.

Why this matters:

Public libraries have the power to change lives.

Children are ready to learn earlier, and do better in school if they have been read to and discovered books from an early age.  Our library is a safe and welcoming place for children and youth to spend after school time learning and connecting with other people.  Adults can extend their studies online, learning employable skills and gaining new qualifications.  Seniors find social connection, support and a comfortable place to play, learn and relax.  Everyone can overcome barriers, empower themselves and discover their potential with us.

We offer:

Free access to materials for learning and recreation, including movies, books and magazines. Accessible formats including large print and audio, physical and downloadable. Free WiFi, and internet computers for public use, and staff to help use them and other personal devices. Information and research resources, including local history, tourist information, research services. Educational computer games for preschool children. Programming for children and adults to encourage literacy, to offer information, to foster education, community and recreation. Space and support for tutoring, distance learning, exam proctoring, and social interaction.

What People Are Saying

"I love the fact that when you ask a question and the staff does not know they don't have any qualms about going to look and find answers to any & all inquiries"

— Survey respondent, 2015

"Check out, they're always so sweet and helpful!"

— Survey respondent, 2015

"Delivery of books to shut-ins and anyone not able to get to the library is so so important to avid readers."

— Survey respondent, 2015

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