BEING Studio

Registered Name: Being Studio

Business Number: 834484073RR0001

About BEING Studio

BEING is a community of artists with developmental disabilities in Ottawa. At BEING, artists have access to the space, the tools, and the representation to create and commercialize their visual art and creative writing. BEING is a dedicated art studio that represents over 50 artists and offers a regular program of exhibitions, workshops and collaborations with guest artists.

Our Mission

To support the participation and professional practice of artists with developmental disabilities. We believe no one should be denied the opportunity to thrive creatively or commercially.

What People Are Saying

"BEING Studio is one of the most supportive, colourful, happiest places to be. The artists are full of such passion and talent and the facilitators are exceptional."

— Joanna Tymkiw-Castillo

"Art is inside my body coming out. That means inspire me. That means yes."

— Marika Smart, BEING artist

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