HEAL International


Business Number: 864322771RR0001

Our mandate:

HEAL International was conceived from a vision of vibrant, healthy communities that:

  • provides support that meets the basic needs of all members.
  • promotes inclusion to enable all members to participate actively in social, economic, cultural and political life.
  • promotes opportunities for the lifelong acquisition of knowledge and skills by all members.

HEAL International responds to local priorities by providing opportunities for vulnerable and marginalized youth through the support of education, health initiatives and leadership development.

 We believe:

  • in a wide view of educational opportunities which include vocational training.
  • that in addition to children, families and communities must also benefit.
  • health should be viewed from its broadest perspective.

 We value:

  • a safe, secure, and nurturing environment.
  • health and education as a means to improving the quality of life.
  • the inclusion of all members of a society as participants in the social, economic, cultural and political life of their community.
  • relationships that support and enhance self sufficiency.
  • the intrinsic strengths and assets of individuals, families and communities.
  • promotion of gender equity.

 Our Goals are to:

  • advance the education of children and young adults.
  • improve and promote health in communities.
  • develop facilities and programs to carry out activities that provide medical aid, supplies and treatment to individuals and families.
  • foster leadership by encouraging volunteerism and community participation.

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