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HPIC-Emergency Needs for Cyclone Idai

Cyclone Idai has triggered a "massive disaster" in southern Africa affecting hundreds of thousands if not millions of people, the UN says.

HPIC is currently communicating with partners in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi to determine the health needs of populations affected by Cyclone Idai. Partners in Zimbabwe have already confirmed the need for medical relief in the rural areas. HPIC anticipates responding to this extensive humanitarian disaster as the needs by region emerge.

All three countries have been hit by heavy winds and rain causing widespread flooding.

The Red Cross has warned there could be an outbreak of waterborne diseases, including cholera, due to the expected contamination of the water supply and disruption of usual water treatment.

Your donation today is what is needed for us to deliver essential medicines and supplies urgently to the families’ devastated by this crisis.