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Operation Excellence


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Operation Excellence

The HSC Foundation has launched a bold multi-year plan to elevate health care in pursuit of our vision of delivering tomorrow’s health care, today. While this plan will help address the current provincial wait list, the vision goes far beyond helping to address the challenges of today.

Operation Excellence will pay dividends for generations of Manitobans, and revitalize and refocus HSC as a surgical centre of excellence and innovation. Your support will make it possible.

The plan comprises three phases. Each stage will create more capacity for diagnostic and surgical cases, using the latest imaging technology and the latest equipment for minimally invasive surgical procedures.

The goals are:

  • An immediate impact on the diagnostic and surgical wait list
  • Better patient outcomes
  • Shorter hospital stays through the use of minimally invasive procedures that require shorter recovery periods
  • More efficient systems for surgical referrals and wait list management through advanced software
  • Creating the conditions for HSC to always embrace the next innovations in surgical care
  • Firmly establishing HSC as an employer of choice for leading surgeons and other medical professionals

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