HealthBridge Foundation of Canada


Business Number: 129950051RR0001

Our Mission

HealthBridge Foundation of Canada works with partners worldwide to improve health and health equity through research, policy, and action.

About HealthBridge Foundation of Canada

HealthBridge Foundation of Canada is a leading Canadian non-profit organization improving the health of vulnerable populations worldwide. Since 1982, HealthBridge has worked with local partners in Asia, Africa and the Americas to bridge gaps in health, including prevention of malnutrition, infectious disease and emerging epidemics.

Gender equality is fundamental to health equity and is an underlying principle for all our programs. HealthBridge also uses the latest technologies to address gaps in health. We promote effective health policies at the local and national level. Our close partnerships and in-depth expertise foster locally appropriate and sustainable solutions. HealthBridge promotes the integration of programs by addressing the Sustainable Development Goals holistically.

HealthBridge bridges the gap between needs and technologies, evidence and policies, and policies and practice.

Our Partners

HealthBridge Foundation of Canada collaborates with local partners to identify priority issues, develop and implement solutions, and promote effective health policies. The success of our work depends on these partnerships, as well as on effective collaboration with international organizations (both government and non-government), community groups, foundations, research institutions and government ministries.

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