Business Number: 892808478RR0001

About This Charity

Our Mission

To provide a support centre where we can care for each other as we live with cancer.

About Our Charity

Located at 86 Colborne St. West in Oshawa, Hearth Place Cancer Support Centre has a warm, home like, atmosphere which offers a variety of both peer and professionally facilitated support groups for each of the major types of cancer. The centre also offers a variety of wellness classes to promote effective coping strategies such as yoga, tai chi, exercise classes, relaxation and visualization, art therapy and the Healing Journey. Caregiver support, grief support and programs for children and teens are available as Hearth Place recognizes the impact cancer has on the extended family and friends.

What People Are Saying

"Hearth Place has become ‘a home away from home’ for me. The love and support they have offered me to help cope with the shock and fear of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Their compassion helps make this difficult journey of cancer more bearable, so you never have to feel alone."

— Leah

"I started coming to groups when my father was diagnosed and after he passed away. It helped me not only cope with what was happening but meet many others who were going through tough times as well. Afterwards, I didn't feel so alone, and knew that there were people to talk to, and wanted to help me."

— Rachel, age 17

"Meeting others in the same boat as us, connecting, sharing, supporting, crying, remembering and enduring…together. I truly do not know how I would have made it through my son’s treatments, all 1163 days of chemotherapy, without their support. They are a lighthouse in a storm. They are family now."

— Cindy

"Peace and encouragement can be found in all the people you meet at Hearth Place."

— Sandy

"Hearth Place is a special place where you can feel comfort from the staff and others going through the same as you."

— Evelyn