HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development


Business Number: 893420661RR0001

About This Charity

Our Mission

HeartWood's mission is youth engagement for positive community change. We work with youth to development their skills and confidence as community leaders. We also train and coach adults to meaningfully engage youth.

HeartWood's vision is that all youth are active and valued members in their community, and together with adults, take action to create vibrant and caring communities.

About Our Charity

HeartWood Centre for Community Youth Development is a non-profit, registered charity that delivers direct youth programming, provides capacity-building services to others working with youth, and supports transformation changes in the systems that affect youth. We have provided our services within Nova Scotia since 1988; we also have affiliations and partnerships nationally and have delivered programs across the country.

HeartWood is a values-based organization that strives to create transformational experiences. We use an appreciative approach, founded on core principles of youth engagement that include relationship building and asset-based community development.

At the heart of our work is creating amazing experiences for young people so they feel valued, they recognize their own assets and build new skills, and they positively engage in the systems and communities that affect them, whether these are organizational, geographical, or institutional.