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Urgent Building Repairs for Children's Centre

Registered Name: Help Bolivia Foundation

Business No: 713155513RR0001

Urgent Building Repairs for Children's Centre

In El Alto, Bolivia, more than 60 children and their families depend on programs hosted at the Tahuantinsuyo Community Centre (TCC) that benefit their well-being. The TCC offers a lunch program, education, access to computers and the internet, and many other programs that give these children hope for the future. But unfortunately, the TCC's building is ageing. Unless repairs are made soon, the facility's continued operation is in jeopardy, putting the children at risk.

The community centre is showing signs of wear and tear. This project will provide the repairs and maintenance the centre needs to ensure the children and staff are safe and comfortable. The repairs and maintenance include ceiling electrical work in almost every room; damaged ceilings and walls due to water leaks (the roof was finally repaired in Fall 2021); upgrades to the plumbing in the washrooms as well as the installation of doors for the toilet stalls; and a hood & vent for the kitchen.

By providing repairs and maintenance to the centre, the facility will be kept safe and up to date, addressing health and safety concerns with building infrastructure damage.

Regular food for the children will contribute to improved school performance, cognitive and creative development and personal and social development. Hungry children can not thrive. A daily hot meal can make the difference in being successful. These meals allow them to focus on improving their education and other aspects of development. A safe and well maintained facility is critical in order to deliver this food program.