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Help One Another Canada Foundation


About Help One Another Canada Foundation

Our Mission

To dismantle barriers to education, employment, and entrepreneurship for underserved youth and their families by strengthening their ability to identify and seize opportunities when they arise or create their own, and advocate for public policy change.

Our Vision

We envision a future where undeserved youth and their families have access to education, employment, and entrepreneurship opportunities, empowering them to become productive contributing members of their communities.

Our values:

Youth Power

We believe in the limitless potential of young people and choose to invest in them as the key to a brighter future for Alberta and Canadian communities and our world.

Accountability & Transparency

We hold ourselves and one another responsible for ensuring HOA maximizes its impact, and we do what we say we will do. We are committed to being open and honest about our operations and finances to deserve trust from our beneficiaries, our staff, our volunteers, our funders, and other stakeholders.

Sustained Impact

We strive to make long term commitments, to build relationships, collaboration, and strategic alliances, and to build a high-performance organization capable of creating sustained, meaningful, and effective impact.

Community Commitment

We are dedicated to empowering underserved youth and their families by prioritizing their voices in shaping our initiatives, and we pledge to go above and beyond to ensure their success and well-being.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  1. We understand the impact of policies, programs, and decisions on racial equity and promote justice and fairness through equal access to services, programs, opportunities, and advancement for Black and youth of colour and their families.
  2. We strive to create inclusive spaces where everyone feels valued and respected.
  3. We celebrate cultural diversity and actively seek out diverse perspectives.
  4. We support initiatives that promote representation and inclusion.
  5. We strive to identify and eliminate (whenever we can), or advocate for elimination of barriers that prevent the full participation of Black and Youth of Colour and their families.


239, Scotia Place, Tower 3

10072 Jasper Avenue

Edmonton, AB, T5J 1V8

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