Registered Name: HelpAge Canada - Aide aux Aînés (Canada)

Business Number: 118955921RR0001

OUR MISSION is to work in partnership with others to improve and maintain the quality of life of vulnerable older persons and their communities in Canada and around the world.

OUR VISION is a world in which all older persons lead safe, dignified, and healthy lives.

We work internationally currently in Ukraine, India, Sri Lanka, Kenya, Haiti, Jamaica, and Dominica.

We work across Canada providing grants to low income seniors for mobility and communications equipment and social and wellbeing activities, meals and transportation through our Seniors Can! Program.


Since 1975 we have helped thousands of older people in Canada and the developing world. We are a founding member of a global network of Organizations under the umbrella of HelpAge International  that promotes the right of all older people to lead dignified, healthy and secure lives

We are the only Canadian organization exclusively dedicated to helping older persons both in Canada and in the developing world. For more than 40 years, we have helped seniors overcome poverty, defend their rights, challenge discrimination, and live lives of dignit. As a founding member of HelpAge International, we are part of a global network of organizations helping thousands of people every day in more than 80 countries.



Seniors Can! (Aînés Debout!) is a national grant program designed to help low-income seniors across Canada avoid isolation and loneliness and to engage more fully with their communities. Through the generous support of the founding program partner,  Seniors Can! provides grants of up to $2000 through partnering charitable agencies to seniors for mobility and communication enhancing equipment as well as funding for social and wellbeing-promoting activities or programming, including transportation to these activities. Seniors Can! also provides grants to our partner agencies for innovate and creative programming addressing isolation and loneliness among seniors.

The program was launched in February of 2020 with partner agencies operating in Ontario. We will be proudly expanding Seniors Can! with our identified partner agencies  across Canada over the coming months. We are not currently seeking new partner agencies.



People 60 + are the fastest growing demographic group yet their needs are rarely considered. Internationally, Older people suffer much more than others from non-communicable diseases but these health issues receive only 2.3% of development assistance. Less than 20% of older people receive a pension in low-income countries.

HelpAge Canada currently provides assistance and empowerment to older persons in Eastern Ukraine, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominica, Kenya, India and Sri Lanka.

Sponsor a Grandparent: Around the world, older persons are struggling to sustain themselves because they do not have enough food or ready access to medicine and other resources necessary for a healthy life.  The Sponsor a Grandparent program serves over 600 older persons who are now able to enjoy a healthier life as a result of your support

A monthly donation of $40.00 helps supplement the cost of food, water, shelter, medicine and clothing. It restores dignity and hope while giving a Grandparent the respect they deserve.  In return, we will send you a photograph of the Grandparent you have sponsored and their profile. You will also receive an annual update on your Grandparent’s health and well-being.

Kenya Gift Program: Thanks to our donors and our partner in western Kenya, vulnerable older persons receive essential goods they would otherwise be unable to afford. Gifts range from valuable household items, such as chairs or mosquito nets, to farm animals such as chickens, goats, or even cows.  You can also offer them a new home!

Your gift will make a major difference in their life!

India Cataract Surgery: Cataracts are one of the major causes of blindness in India. 12.5 million people are unable to access the simple surgery required to remove cataracts due to lack of financial resources and support. Through our local partners, our eye clinics have provided Cataract surgeries to over 3,000 older persons allowing them to return to work and live lives of dignity.

Partner Agencies: Our partner charitable agencies work hard under challenging circumstances and with little means. In the countries where we work, there is little infrastructure or support for the needs of seniors. We provide assistance on an as needed basis to support a variety of needs to improve the lives of the older persons they support.

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