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Gaza Humanitarian Appeal

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Gaza Humanitarian Appeal

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As the conflict in Gaza deepens, millions of people have been left without humanitarian aid and have been displaced to overcrowded, under-equipped shelters in Northern Gaza. HelpAge Canada grieves for the millions of people who have been displaced, injured, or killed in the ongoing conflict in the region, and we fervently hope for an end to all violence. With our on-the-ground partner, Juzoor for Health and Social Development, we are providing immediate humanitarian aid to those in the region.  

How are older people impacted:

Older people face unique and heartbreaking challenges in any humanitarian crisis. Many older Gazans were forced to leave behind mobility devices, life-sustaining medications, and personal belongings after the conflict began, and are currently taking refuge in makeshift shelters set up in schools and courtyards. Much of the country has lost access to electricity, running water, and medical supplies, making the situation especially dire.  

What is needed: 

  • Medications for healthcare facilities, including general medical supplies and specific medications to treat injuries and illnesses resulting from the conflict. 
  • Medical disposables such as bandages, syringes, wound dressings, and personal preotective equipment (PPE) for healthcare workers. 
  • Safe drinking water, which is essential to ensure overall health and safety of the population and for preventing infectious disease outbreaks or water-borne illnesses.  
  • Temporary shelters such as tents, which offer protection from exposure to the elements and a sense of security for those who have lost their homes, as well as blankets.  
  • Basic food items, especially non-perishable items and food that does not require kitchen equipment to prepare.  


Who we are working with: 

Juzoor for Health and Social Development, a HelpAge partner based in Palestine, is working on the frontlines in Gaza providing support in temporary shelters, seeking to address the needs of older people. 

“For those older individuals who have survived and been displaced by the conflict, their living conditions are nothing short of miserable. They have sought refuge in schools and hospital courtyards, where they are confronted with dire challenges and are struggling to meet their most basic needs, such as food, clean water, and essential medications.” 

-Dr Mohmmed Ellia from Juzoor 


Needs Assessment: 

In 2021, HelpAge worked with its partners to conduct a needs assessment of older people in Gaza and found the following. 

  • 97% had at least one health condition  
  • 80% reported that they used or required medicine or medical items.   
  • 86% had at least one disability
  • 45% were going to bed hungry at least one night per week. 
  • 39% faced difficulties with accessing and using drinking water, handwashing, or bathing facilities. 
  • 78% reported that they felt anxious all or most the time while 52% reported they felt depressed all or most of the time. 
  • 44% older people surveyed stated they were completely dependent on family members/others to meet their basic needs. 

Support is needed today: 

 Humanitarian aid has already been delayed in Gaza, and the country’s small older population is incredibly vulnerable. Please, donate today.