Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society

Registered Name: Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society

Business Number: 803913060RR0001

Our Mission

We rescue abandoned domestic cats, provide vet treatment, and rehome. We have a special interest in senior cats who were abandoned but have quality time ahead with vet care. We set up, assist, and support long-term foster homes with seniors or disabled people who are able to care for cats but could not afford a pet otherwise. Most cats we have would have been put down had we not taken them. This is particularly true of the semi-ferals we have rescued who simply need time and patience for trust-building. When funds allow, we also spay/neuter feral cats, treat medically, provide shots, and return to feeding stations which we service.

About Helping Homeless Cats of Greater Victoria Society

Our rescue organization is run entirely by volunteers with no paid employees. Administrative expenses are less than 1% of money we take in. We have some fundraising activities but depend heavily on donations to support the cats in care and can only rescue more cats when funds allow. Because we take special cases, our vet bills are high and we are always in need of donations. We are grateful for all help which makes a huge difference to the number of kitty lives we can save. Over 99% of the donations go directly to food, supplies, and medical care for our cats (see the CRA website). We also support long term "permanent" senior foster homes and take the cats back when the person can no longer care for the cat.

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