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Our Mission

Heritage BC's vision is to strengthen the identity and pride of our diverse communities.

Our mission is to provide leadership for sustainable conservation of British Columbia’s unique cultural heritage. We work collaboratively with community, government and private sector partners to create a strong and positive future for heritage conservation in British Columbia.

About Our Programs

Heritage BC is a not for profit, charitable organization supporting heritage conservation across British Columbia through advocacy, training and skills development, capacity building in heritage planning and funding through the Heritage Legacy Fund.  

We are passionate about building links between heritage conservation and tourism, economic and environmental sustainability, community prideand an appreciation of our common history.

You can donate to any one of the following programs:

General - Support Heritage BC with a general donation the Board of Directors and staff will decide where best to place these donations to further the mission of the organization.

Training & Skills Development - A program dedicated to the design and implementation of a series of workshops and webinars for heritage and community groups, businesses, educational groups and heritage commissions, that seeks to build capacity in heritage conservation across the province.

Heritage Legacy Fund - Support the only funding program dedicated exclusively to heritage conservation in British Columbia.

Annual Conference - An annual event that focuses on bringing together heritage professionals, planners, businesses, government and educational institutions from across the province together engage, interact and share experiences in heritage related topics. Support a workshop/presenter or nonprofit leader to attend the educational/networking heritage event of the year.

Awards - An annual, prestigious award program that recognizes achievement in heritage conservation and heritage awareness to individuals and projects.

Heritage Week - A celebratory event that Heritage BC promotes each year, working with community and heritage groups, museums, libraries and businesses to raise awareness of heritage across the province.

Thank you for your support!

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