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At the gates of Europe, Ukraine is the scene of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis since the Second World War. Between Kharkiv and Kiev, bombings are multiplying, forcing the population to take refuge in shelters or to flee.

18 million people affected (Ukraine and neighboring countries);

12 million in need of humanitarian aid;

Over 1 million people internally displaced;

Over 1.5 million refugees;

6.7 million people at risk of displacement;

More than 2.7 Million people registered with disabilities, including 164,000 children;

2 Million people living with rare health conditions, many of which require specific medication.

Humanity & Inclusion has just launched an exploratory mission in neighboring countries hosting Ukrainian refugees, with the aim of extending it to Ukraine as soon as possible. 

Humanity & Inclusion's essential role in a crisis such as this is to ensure that the needs of the most vulnerable are taken into account: older people, sick people, people with disabilities... All these people, among the most fragile and vulnerable, who have specific needs, who have difficulty moving around, are even more affected than others by the current crisis, even more at risk for their health and survival. 

We plan to support the care and rehabilitation of injured people, distribute paramedical equipment and provide psychological support for traumatized people. We will complete this assistance by meeting the basic needs of Ukrainian refugees in neighboring countries, so that they can have access to food and hygiene products in particular. 

To face this major crisis, we need your help.

Help us to intervene with the Ukrainian civilian population.

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*Any funds raised beyond the needs of our Ukraine Emergency response will be used to support other vital programs around the world.

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