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Humanity & Inclusion


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Inclusive Education

Campaign Ended Dec. 31, 2019

Convinced of the huge potential of children with disabilities and aware of the challenges of their inclusive education around the world, Humanity & Inclusion and its partners develop a system of inclusive education to meet the educational needs of all these children and ensure their access on a continuum basis through the chain of preschool-primary-secondary or even post-secondary education.

HI's intervention is comprised of four components around this theme:

- Education

- Health

- Professional training

- Advocacy

The Inclusive Education project is an adequate response to the schooling of children with disabilities and those with special educational needs in ordinary schools.  It aims to ensure access to quality education for all children because a child deprived of school is often deprived of a future.  In the particular case of disability, this situation is all the more prejudicial because the difference created by disability is a primary cause of isolation and exclusion.

Access to school is an inalienable right that must allow the disabled child to gain visibility, to find their place in the community and in their family and build social bonds while giving them the means of gaining autonomy.

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