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Summer Camp for a Single Mom and Her Children

Campaign Ended June 30, 2020

$75 will contribute to a week of camp for a single mom and her children.

Our Single Moms Camp Program provides a much needed week of relaxation, resourcing and friendship for single moms and a traditional summer camp experience for her children. This program is offered for two weeks each summer and is 90% subsidized. This experience gives moms a break from the everyday challenges they face and being cared for in a supportive, loving environment makes a significant positive impact in their lives.   

Your gift of $75 will be applied directly towards a week of camp for a single mom and her children.


  • it provides resources and rest for single moms who are often unable to access resources or take a vacation
  • it provides a much needed break from full-time parenting and the unique challenges that face single parent families
  • it creates friendships among participants and natural support communities with others in the same situation
  • it invites moms and children to be themselves and feel valued and seen
  • it increases self esteem, confidence and trust in both moms and children
  • it demonstrates a caring community through staff and participant interactions 
  • it encourages positive social interaction through positive role models
  • it creates good memories for moms and their children
  • it gives an opportunity to spend time in nature, fostering an appreciation, respect and understanding of the environment around us


“Every single staff member on this beautiful campground belongs here and made it so we belong here too, like family."

"I myself have felt so full of self-worth for the first time in a very long time."

“I feel so thankful for this incredible week at camp with my children and the other moms. This place is such a place of peace, safety and love."

"I’ve watched my children blossom and grow through trying new things, expanding their social circle and relationship with God."

"I felt very supported and I am leaving camp today feeling refreshed and uplifted. You guys really made us moms feel special, loved and appreciated.”

“This is the only place I feel I can talk freely about my life and not feel judged."

“Thank you for the warm welcome and for accepting me although I have a different faith, being Muslim."

"We are so blessed to be able to come to a place that is so loving and safe."

"The real world is always busy and we get lost in the hustle and bustle of life so with that we forget to slow down and take in the beauty of our children and the beauty around us. Camp makes us slow down and gives us a chance to breathe.”

“Coming back to hidden acres felt like coming home. Real home. The place we are cared for, loved, sheltered and reminded that we belong."


To provide a welcoming, peaceful gathering place where diverse groups of people experience life-giving connections with God, one another, and nature.

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