Registered Name: High Notes Avante Productions Inc.

Business Number: 827049388RR0001

High Notes Avante Productions Inc is using the power of words and music to produce "TedTalk & Grammy-inspired" events that raise the image of mental illness, connects, educates--and saves lives.

Our charitable objectives are:

To relieve conditions associated with mental illness by offering art productions directed towards the alleviation of loneliness and isolation, as well as to reduce the associated stigma.

To promote mental health by providing information from mental health professionals and testimonials from artists, well-known personalities and others who suffer or have suffered from mental illness.

Since at least 1 in 5 Canadians are living with mental health issues at any time, and half of us will have had a mental health issue by the time we turn 40--we ALL have a story. Whether it is you yourself, your daughter, your father, your sister, cousin, spouse or friend or coworker who has it--we are all affected. Mental illness deserves the same compassion and respect from society as cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Our work encourages you to share more openly so that we can learn from each other and move forward on higher notes together.

Sadly, many suffer in silence and never reach out for help due to stigma and the fear of being judged. An astonishing 230,000 people consider suicide every year in Ontario and about 11 die by suicide every day in Canada. Still as many as 80 per cent of depression cases and many other conditions can improve, with help. We just have to make it easier to access.

We have been producing the annual High Notes Gala for Mental Health since 2013 and are piloting the High Notes Avante Socials this fall. Our free or affordable events are not fundraising but image raising—making our lifesaving messages accessible.  By showcasing what people are able to do despite mental illness we address the underlying problem of stigma and loneliness as we help prevent premature deaths. 25 per cent of our tickets are given away to current mental health clients with the hope to reduce loneliness and give them hope for a better future.

We are small but have ambition to produce "THE" mental health awareness concert that will be viewed by Canadians from coast to coast, from PEI to Nunavut--whether living in a remote community or too ill to get off the couch in suburban Toronto.

Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.


What People Are Saying

"Music speaks to us all and express what there are no words for. Music can heal our souls when medicine can't. Music is entertaining--but can also draw attention to issues we are not aware of but which desperately need attetion"

— Ingrid Taheri--Artistic & Executive Director

"Your kindness and empathy vis-à-vis our collective mental health struggles is unsurpassed."

— DAN HILL--Grammy Awarded Singer/Songwriter

"Attending the High Notes Gala shows me that there is hope for those who suffer in silence"

— audience

"The entire production is the perfect blend of passion and information from the heart"

— attendee

"Knowing it is not all doom and gloom is hopeful"

— audience

"Music is healing and speaks to us on an emotional level"

— audience member

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