Food for Thought

Registered Name: High River Food for Thought Ltd.

Business Number: 812778645RR0001

Food for Thought COVID 19 Response

We are running our lunch program but in an alternative version to what we do regularly.

Originally we were going to shut down now that the schools were closed, however decided to go ahead and continue the support to the children in our communities as long as we can.

Parents are encouraged to contact us directly at to set up a breakfast and lunch package, which will be delivered twice a week to their doorstep unless they prefer pick up at our location. All we require is the confirmation from their school or daycare.

We currently have two volunteers running the kitchen and a few delivery volunteers, who receive their delivery packages at the door. We are trying to have minimum points of contacts and the two volunteers preparing the packages are on top with the cleaning protocol in the kitchen.

Unfortunately Food for Thought is in the middle of grant season. We contacted all our grant applications and most of them informed us that grants have been put on hold until things have settled. This however means we are running low on funds and have to ask for help. If you or anyone you know is able to support us, please consider making a donation to our program and help us feed the local kids.