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Ukrainian Refugee (Nelson)

Registered Name: Highlands Baptist Church

Business No: 132019399RR0001

Ukrainian Refugee (Nelson)
Your gift will provide support to the two Ukrainian families we will bring from the war in Ukraine to Nelson BC. This gift will support these two families for four to six months to start the recovery from the violence of the war and allow them to move towards thriving in Nelson from surviving.
This time will allow them to develop the life skills needed to be self-sufficient, assist in gaining the access for the development of English language skills, employment, start understanding Canadian culture and then have these families move into their own rentals
These funds will also provide access to possible trauma supports along with other health care that is not supported within the BC Medical Services Plan, clothing, and basic necessities.
Thank you for considering a gift of any amount. Your generosity will make a difference in the lives of these two families.
Canadahelps will issue a Tax Deductible receipt that you can download through their site. Any funds left over from this campaign will be used for future refugee families sponsored through Highlands Baptist Church.
Thank you from the “Supporting Ukrainian Families in Nelson” group.