HIM - Health Initiative for Men

Registered Name: H.I.M. Health Initiative for Men Society

Business Number: 827576612RR0001

Our Mission

The Mission of HIM is to strengthen gay men’s health and well-being through trusted, tailored, targeted research-based health promotion services and by engaging the community through volunteer involvement, online access and events. We foster mutually beneficial relationships among gay men and health professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes. We do this because we value the ability of gay men to make informed decisions, we value the role of our community in supporting the foundations for healthy living, and we value scientific research.

About HIM - Health Initiative for Men

HIM engages gay men, our communities, health professionals and researchers to strengthen the physical, sexual, social, and mental health and well-being of gay men. In addition to providing STI and HIV testing, HIM's health centres also offer access to professional and peer support services, sexual health education. We also provide personal strategic advising that helps clients identify an action plan, and follow-up support to help its achievement.

Other programs include summer boot camps, yoga classes, and facilitator-led, walk-in social support groups. Our website provides health promotion and information, as well as opportunities for further engagement.

HIM receives generous support from our partners to engage in our core work. However, with YOUR financial support, HIM has the autonomy to deliver additional programs and engage around their health in ways that are proven to be most effective for gay men. Your financial support helps HIM engage with gay men and deliver programs and that are tailored and targeted for our communities, including (but not limited to) the following:

1. HIM Health Centres

2. Totally Outright

3. HIM’s physical and social health programs (including Fruit Camps, Dragon Boat Team, Yoga, Tango, Learn to Run, Aging Fabulously, Swimming)

4. HUSTLE at HIM (in person and online outreach program for men in sex work)

5. research into gay men’s lives and health issues

6. HIM’s professional counselling program and peer-based Change Advocacy program; and

7. building capacity in the health care system to meet the needs of gay men.

Your support allows for our programs to engage the community and foster mutually beneficial relationships among gay men and health professionals to ensure the best possible outcomes.

For more information, please visit http://www.checkhimout.ca.

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