HomeSpace Society


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Covid-19 Fund

We’re doing everything we can to help protect our HomeSpace residents - and families and individuals who are currently experiencing homelessness in Calgary - from Covid-19.

Our priorities are:

1) To keep the more than 700 people who live in our affordable housing buildings safe by taking all necessary precautions, and

2) To help ease the pressures on local shelters by moving people experiencing homelessness into vacant units, both at HomeSpace and in community, as fast as possible.

We have just completed six months of major renovations on one of the buildings in our portfolio – all 32 units will be used as COVID-19 emergency housing for vulnerable Calgarians who need to self-isolate. Our operations team is also going above and beyond by working with local homeless shelters, the Calgary Homeless Foundation and other agencies to move vulnerable people from crowded shelters into the hotels that have stepped up and offered space.

Imagine trying to practice social distancing, self-isolation and hand-washing without a roof over your head. It’s not possible. These measures will help ensure our whole community is protected from an outbreak.

This crisis situation is highlighting the urgent need in our sector beyond Covid-19 – Calgary has nearly 3,000 people experiencing homelessness and we’re short 15,000 units of affordable housing. Housing is, and always has been, a vital part of health care. Thank you for your support!