Hope Air

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Help More Patients Like Jonah Access the Medical Care They Need

Why Donate to Hope Air?

For many Canadians, a trip to see a medical specialist is usually a short car or bus drive away. But for thousands of Canadians (over 20% of the population), who live in small and rural communities where specialized medical care is not available, a trip to see a medical specialist might involve an 16 hour car or bus ride.  Healthcare coverage starts at the door of the doctor’s office. How you get to the doctor and any related travel costs fall to the patient. And for patients living in small and rural communities, travelling long distances to their specialist medical appointments comes at a cost of time and money. Low-income families can afford neither. This lack of access to specialists and other medically necessary services can also lead to delays in treatment and poorer health outcomes.   Enter Hope Air - a unique and essential component of Canada’s universal healthcare system. Hope Air is Canada’s only national charity providing free flights to low-income Canadians who must travel to medical care that does not exist in their communities. Hope Air exists to bridge the distance between home and hospital, patient and physician.

One such patient that has been helped by Hope Air is Jonah. Jonah has grown up with Hope Air. He was only three years old when he was diagnosed with scoliosis, requiring metal rods to be inserted into his back that must be adjusted every six months to allow him to grow. If that wasn’t a stressful enough diagnosis for young Jonah and his family, added to the burden was the fact that Jonah lives in a small Saskatchewan community, more than an eight hour drive to the hospital where doctors could perform his surgeries.

An eight hour drive with a young child suffering from scoliosis is unimaginable for most of us, but it was the reality for Jonah’s mom, Shari. Thankfully, Shari found out about Hope Air who was there to help arrange flights to get Jonah to his treatment several times over the past many years.  

 “There are no words to express our gratitude for Hope Air. Nobody really knows how organizations such as this are needed and appreciated until you become the recipients. It takes some of the physical and financial stress off our shoulders when these situations are stressful enough,” says Jonah’s mom, Sheri.

At Hope Air, we believe that families like Jonah’s should not have to endure eight hour drives to access life-saving treatment, missing school and wages from work, or borrowing money to purchase airfare. Together we can help more families like Jonah’s get the medical care they need.

A one-time donation of $250 (the average cost of a flight purchased by Hope Air), or a monthly donation of $21, will ensure someone like Jonah gets to the life-saving treatment they need.