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Hope for Orphans-Congo

Registered Name: Hope for Orphans-Congo

Business No: 837794718RR0001

Hope for Orphans-Congo is supporting an orphanage in Congo, and helping over 100 other orphans in DRC.

Hope for Orphans-Congo


Our Mission

To bring hope to children in D.R. Congo that have been orphaned due to war, disease and poverty; by providing the basic necessities of life such as food, shelter, medical care, education and love. Thereby enabling and empowering them to change the course of their lives and ultimately producing independent, self-reliant and contributing adults.

About Hope for Orphans-Congo

In the country of D.R. Congo, where the average income is under $2.00 per day, a home was built to shelter orphaned children. Hope for Orphans – Congo is a Canadian registered charity that was  established in 2011 to provide food, clothes, school and first aid supplies, and the basic amenities of life for the children and adult caregivers living in the orphanage, Maison D”espoir pour Enfants de Kikamata (Childrens’ Centre for Hope) - Fondly referred to “Karibu” which in Swahili means “Welcome”.

In 2013 we are also helping a number of other orphans in various villages and cities in eastern DRC go to school by paying for their education expenses.

In 2022 the orphanage in Kikamata has started to become independent and supported by other means, allowing Hope for Orphans-Congo to provide more help in other regions in Congo and benefit other orphaned-children.




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