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10,000 Reasons

 It is vital that we remember the real meaning of Christmas. As It is vital that we remember the real meaning of Christmas. As Christmas draws near we begin unpacking and recalling details of the unexpected pregnancy journey that Mary of Bethlehem underwent. There were huge risks to both Mary and her preborn baby Jesus surrounding this crisis pregnancy in scripture. Hanging in the midst of this plot was the choice of acceptance and protection from her betrothed Joseph, and the journey they underwent leading up to the untimely birth of Jesus in an outbuilding, and the conditions surrounding this miraculous historical birth in a manager. 

This story is not far off from the struggles women today find themselves in. Will they have to face their pregnancy journey alone? Will they be supported by their partners? Will their family be there for them? What is to become of them, and their baby should they choose to carry to term? 

We invite you to support HOPE in being available to women and their partners, facing an unexpected pregnancy. We have the unique opportunity to encourage, empower and equip families facing unexpected pregnancies to navigate through this season of their lives to make healthy life-affirming decisions for themselves and their families future.

Link arms with us. Be the difference by supporting Hope initiatives throughout the year. 

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