HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre


Business Number: 898943857RR0001

Our Mission

HopeSpring is an independent community organization committed to empowering those whose lives are impacted by cancer to improve their emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

About HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre

At HopeSpring Cancer Support Centre we help people deal with the emotional pain that rises up during the cancer journey.

We offer programs built on the four pillars of wellness: exercise, nutrition, stress management and sleep. You can help cancer patients, and those supporting them, find the support necessary to meet the physical and emotional challenges that they will face.

Our local hospitals provide the medical expertise and treatment of the disease itself. At HopeSpring, people living with cancer manage the emotional and mental health parts of their cancer experience through the wellness programs in a warm and inviting atmosphere. Since cancer has a major financial impact on an individual, HopeSpring does not charge for any of the services provided.

When you donate to us, you are making an investment in the quality of life in our community.  You’re directly helping to address a serious challenge, by providing the resources needed to lessen the burden of cancer.

What People Are Saying

"HopeSpring is many things to many people. I am continually grateful for the warmth and openness that is shared here."

— Anne Marie Mingiardi

"I am so thankful for this program. Chloe was excited to come for and talked for days about the children's program which is amazing for her because in the past she has not wanted to even discuss cancer. Your program and meeting other children was reassuring for her. Thank you so much."

— Wendy S.

"HopeSpring gives us a cozy feeling know there are other kids having the same issues and that there is a way to comfort the frustrations of the side effects of cancer in the household. It is a blessing to have this support."

— Dave Dahl

"In 1998 after having breast cancer, I came to the yoga class. Beth Sellars was such a caring person in the way she taught the class. It certainly helped my healing; it was such a calming place to come to. I have donated ever since."

— Mary Peters

"HopeSpring means to me warmth, a place where most people are nonjudgmental, caring and willing to do whatever is needed to support those on this cancer journey, whether directly or indirectly. HopeSpring values everyone. I feel grateful for HopeSpring and all who work and volunteer there. "

— Magnell R.

"HopeSpring is a chance for me to be around other survivors who understand what you are going through, share ideas & celebrate triumphs. All the free programs are such a blessing and a huge part of my ongoing recovery process. "

— Faith Walker

"HopeSpring helped me to stay positive through my cancer journey with offering special classes and healing sessions. The staff always made me feel special. I can't thank HopeSpring enough."

— Janice Whitehead

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