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Registered Name: HOPEthiopia

Business No: 815113295RR0001

Hopethiopia believes that the greatest resource in East Africa are the most marginalized children that will become the leaders of the future



Our Mission

HOPEthiopia is committed to providing a bridge of hope for the marginalized of East Africa, particularly the orphaned and widowed of Ethiopia and Rwanda. 

About Our Charity

HOPEthiopia is a not for profit organization founded in Calgary, Alberta, Canada supporting the International NGOs Hopethiopia and Hopethiopia/Rwanda. It purposes to empower disenfranchised Ethiopians and Rwandans, particularly children and youth, in a loving and nurturing environment.

HOPEthiopia facilitates community development through augmentation of infrastructure, i.e. improved education and health care, as well as clean water and reforestation. In this manner, HOPEthiopia is committed to providing a holistic approach to attend to physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of its beneficiaries.


19 Elbow River Point

Calgary, AB, T3Z 2V1

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