Registered Name: HOPEthiopia

Business Number: 815113295RR0001

COVID - 19 Response Africa

The COVID - 19 concern is massive to Africa. The level of infrastructure and health care access is far lower than most places on the planet. So Hopethiopia will direct funds and resources to Ethiopia and Rwanda, as these are our primary project areas, as well to other African nations that will be in great need as the pandemic continues. Funds will be disbursed for water, food, health care supplies, and other initiatives as required.

In time it is likely that great shortages may arise in the areas of water, food, access to fuels (wood, charcoal etc), health care, and other basic needs. Access to basic medications and supplies such as gloves and masks may be in serious shortage. So Hopethiopia will ramp up our connections to find local sources to provide to our beneficiaries and the many that are in the greatest need.

Interruptions in communication are also frequent, so local training initiatives and awareness by the Hopethiopia on the ground staff are vital to the success to the response.