Registered Name: HOSPICE TORONTO

Business Number: 138815618RR0001

Answering the Call through Online Support Services

The effort to address the effects of the coronavirus is extremely important and poses a range of challenges on individuals and families as they respond to the demands of the situation. We have piloted online support for our patient groups, caregiver groups and those who are bereaved. We are receiving very positive anecdotal feedback from participants. As a result we would like to build and broaden the impact we are having in the community as we all deal with the virus. For our patient and family caregiver population we have been able to provide valuable feedback to the palliative care teams which have in turn been able to change treatment plans, stabilize the patient and keep them in their home avoiding unnecessary emergency department visits. Our online support is helping people manage their fear, anxiety and other mental health issues such as depression because someone is showing care for their well-being. the coronavirus is taking all of our front-line resources and supplies as we understand that some patients who are palliative and in hospital may be sent home without being completely well, depending on bed availability. This translates to Hospice Toronto needing more volunteers to be ready to support our vulnerable population with hospice care. To respond to the demand, we have already begun to recruit additional volunteers as we see the need growing exponentially. Homecare is where people will need to be supported as the province prepares for hospitals to be inundated with covid patients. Hospice Toronto's online services will also support front line health care workers as they deal with cumulative grief and ethical issues in caring for patients who are diagnosed with covid-19. We are offering the following: 1. Online Grief and Bereavement support 2. Resiliency-based Online Support 3. Volunteer Services' Support People who have a palliative diagnosis and in hospital may be sent home prior to being fully healed, which results in the need for increased capacity in the community. By shifting our services online wherever possible, we are positioned well to be able to support the community in a broader way.