Registered Name: House of Intercessory Prayer Ministries

Business Number: 830896254RR0001

Church Expansion Program

Campaign Ends Dec. 21, 2024

House of Intercessory Prayer Ministries (HIPM) is a Christian Church and a registered charity in Canada. We are located in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada. We started this mission in Canada in the year 2012.  Since then HIPM is touching many lives by its services to the community.  Many families are blessed by Bible teaching, prayer, healing and deliverance ministries.  Over the past years HIPM has been conducting its services in the rented buildings. Currently as the member base is growing, we realize the need for having our own worship center to continue the operations.  

As HIPM is in its growth path, we are moving forward with a long term vision of building our own building in the recent future. Our building committee has decided to start a capital campaign towards raising funds for acquiring our own land and building a facility that includes, a worship center, a fellowship hall, class rooms, board room and an office. The following information will help you to partner with us in accomplishing the mission of completing this project.

Vision of this project:

  1. To build a worship center that hosts the ever increasing multi cultural immigrant community during Sunday service
  2. To build a learning facility for children that provides basic child care, early childhood and preschool education

Building Committee:

  • Gordon Hunt & Barbara Hunt
  • Balan Swmainathan & Joy Balan
  • Chellaa Pitchiah
  • Fibin Mathew
  • Srikanth Roy

Building Campaign:

  • Campaign Goal- $1,500,000 (This includes the cost of the land that is not far away from the city.)
  • Campaign Target – 2024
  • All Pledges can be paid over a four year period starting in 2020
  • Payments can be made monthly or annually
  • All donations will receive a tax receipt
  • All donation amounts will be kept confidential

How can I be a part of this project?

The vision God has given can only be accomplished by your partnership.  You can partner with us either in prayer or through financial support.  You can either provide onetime or monthly support.  

Thank you for partnering with us.  For more information, kindly write to us at info@hipm.org

$800 raised out of $1,500,000 goal

0.0533333333333% Complete
4 years, 4 months to go