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Animal Welfare and COVID19

Humane Canada staff continue to work from home and we are working to support the shelter system across Canada to be able to provide vital community support as animals in our care still need them. We have successfully worked to ensure animals are not forgotten in this time of crisis. We continue to work to ensure that those working in the shelter system have access to resources, like personal protective equipment (PPE) to safeguard themselves and the animals in their care including those that must now be looked after for people affected by COVID-19. 

How is Humane Canada Helping?

  • We have directly advised the federal government on how to include Humane Societies and SPCAs, and in fact all charities, in the federal funding packages. We were happy to see some of our recommendations mentioned in the announcement last week, however; there is still a need for greater support for the charitable sector, and we continue to drive that message forward.
  • We advocated to provincial governments across the country to make sure Humane Societies, SPCAs and Animal Shelters were deemed essential services so they could remain open. We are happy to see that as of now, the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba have followed our recommendations.
  • We are working closely with our members providing the most up-to-date information available to ensure they can best protect the animals in their care, respond to their communities' needs and prepare for what might happen in shelters across the country if the crisis worsens. We expect that between the financial crisis and the health crisis, shelters will begin to see increasing relinquishment and abandonment rates of companion animals.
  • We are working across borders to ensure that animals throughout North America are cared for, protected and included.
  • We have complied a list of Frequently Asked Questions in relationship to COVID-19 and animal welfare. You can find these on our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

As you can imagine, the charitable sector will be hard hit during this crisis. If you are in a position to make a financial donation to help us continue do our work, it would be greatly appreciated. THANK YOU.