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Save Lives in Ukraine Now

Registered Name: HUMANITE Foundation Canada

Business No: 754870814RR0001

Save Lives in Ukraine Now

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine is dire, more than one year after the start of the full-scale Russian invasion. Millions are displaced, living in crowded, unsanitary conditions. Your support helps HUMANITE provide immediate relief and long-term recovery for the people of Ukraine.

Our friends and family across Ukraine need your help.

Millions are still without the shelter, electricity, warmth and food that they desperately need.

Here’s where you come in. Your gift can change a life in Ukraine.

$49 can provide a meal for an entire family displaced from their home.

$499 can provide shelter.

$5,000 can provide lifesaving medical aid for those injured on the frontlines.

$25,000+ can help us rebuild hospitals, houses, and more.

Your monthly donation gives help fast, and help that lasts, fostering hope and peace for the future.