Humanity's Promise Int'l

Registered Name: Humanity's Promise Int'l Association

Business Number: 838470508RR0001

Humanity's Promise was formed to promote and advance agricultural production in South Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya. Currently we are focused on South Sudan where we are working with a local Farmers Cooperative in Obbo in Ayaci County of Greater Magwi, South Sudan to expand the amount of land under production. Available tools and equipment limit the amount of land that local farmers can clear and farm. This locks farmers in to a subsistence level of income that does not allow them to improve the lives of their families. By providing modern methods of clearing land we can double the amount of land each farmer can grow crops on. This provides them an opportunity to move beyond this basic level of poverty and improve the lives of their children. 

In conjunction with the agriculture initiatives we supply sports equipment. We encourage children to participate in sport as a way to develop social and leadership skills while learning important values about team work and fair play.

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