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Humanity's Promise Int'l

Registered Name: Humanity's Promise Int'l Association

Business Number: 838470508RR0001

Expanding Food Production, Obbo Farm Expansion Program 2019

Campaign Ended April 30, 2019

The farmers are asking for the means to help themselves to end the cycle of poverty, hunger and despair. HPI is inviting you to partner with the farmers of South Sudan for the purpose of increasing cropped acreage sizes to increase and improve their food supply. Humanity's Promise will supply the equipment needed to expand the amount of land each farmer has under production. The farmers can maintain larger plots of land but they lack the equipment to clear enough land to move beyond a meager subsistence level of production that keeps them trapped in poverty. We plan to clear a combined 200 acres of productive land in the 2019 spring season. This will benefit 200 farmers and their families and increase income and benefits to the whole community.

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