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Exploring the Leading Edge of Human and Social Development

We are facing enormous global challenges: climate change, resource depletion, population growth, cultural clashes, human rights abuses, global inequities, and more. The path that we’re on is highly destructive and course-correction is vital. But how do we extricate ourselves from the progress traps we’ve created?

Changing the path we’re on requires more robust ways of:

  • Understanding human progress – what it is and what it is not
  • Understanding human development – how our thinking, caring, priorities and behaviours are shaped
  • Identifying and preventing developmental paths that lead to catastrophic breakdown and collapse
  • Strengthening our collective capacity for wisdom

None of this is possible without looking at the bigger story in which we’re all embedded. By studying common patterns in human striving, failure and achievement throughout our species’ development, we can understand ourselves and our predicament more deeply. And by situating that within the larger story of life processes, we can begin to develop the capacity required to help us innovate, problem-solve, and pursue adaptive lines of development for generations to come.

We use the term ‘Human Venture’ to indicate the importance of drawing on the larger developmental patterns associated with our species’ development. It’s only when we join the instances of life into some kind of coherent pattern that we can understand the vector – discern what life progress is and what it is not – and actively begin to shape our development so that it’s moving in the direction of wisdom. This is how humanity corrects its line of development.

For almost two decades, Human Venture Leadership has been equipping leaders to navigate on the frontiers of human and social development. As individuals, leaders, organizations and societies, and even as humanity, we are all works in progress, not finished products. To progress well we need a deep understanding of what progress is, what it is not, and how easy it is to be mistaken. To get there requires a deep caring and commitment to humanity’s future as well as one’s own.

Participants of our programs, workshops and events include members of the not-for-profit, corporate, government, academic and other sectors. We have more than 800 alumni in Calgary and Edmonton.

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