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Human Venture Leadership

Registered Name: Human Venture Leadership

Business Number: 819990342RR0001

We Need You

Campaign Ended Feb. 4, 2019

Dear Supporters,

We are always exploring new ways to achieve our charitable, educational goals. Our leadership programs continue, and the learning and refinement never stops. Thank you for your support of our small-but-mighty, mostly-volunteer organization. As supporters of our work, I don't need to convince you of the scale of the systemic challenges we are facing in our communities, or the importance of disciplined leadership in our search for solutions.

Last year your donations 

  • provided much needed unrestricted operational funding to keep us running
  • allowed us to pay two facilitators for the design and delivery of our Introduction to Adaptive Learning intensives, a big step in ensuring we have the ability to run programs in a sustainable way over time
  • gave 11 participants the ability to participate with the assistance of bursaries, for a total of 8,600 dollars
  • allowed us to make technical improvements to the audio for our distance learning sessions 

Every year we hope the funding environment will improve - or that our programs might appeal more broadly - yet significant challenges remain. It is frustrating, but we know we are not the only registered charity in this position, increasingly reliant on our community of supporters and earned revenue to keep running. 

We can’t continue to do this work without your support. We appreciate everything that you can do to keep this organization learning, experimenting and growing. We need you. It takes an ecology of diverse and thoughtful leaders to position this work successfully, and you are a critical part of this endeavour. Anything you can give would be much appreciated, and we are hoping to raise $15,000 through this campaign. You can donate by filling in the form below.

Wishing you and yours a happy holiday season,


Anna-Marie Ashton

Organizational Manager, on behalf of the Human Venture Board

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