I Am Compelled

Registered Name: I AM Compelled

Business Number: 834103178RR0001

We engage students in k-12, in Canadian heritage, heroes and responsible citizenship


By bringing our interactive theatre show to schools across Canada! 

Whether the schools are in low-income or affluent communities, our goal is to teach each student about Canada's great heritage as well as past heroes, in order to compel them towards doing their part. Students are encouraged to become contributing members of society by doing good deeds for others.

As a result of our program, students are able to see their lives as part of the 'big picture' and understand they don't have to be rich to be world changers or famous to be history makers. Who they are is enough and their voices are welcomed and needed in the community.   

What People Are Saying

"You don't have to be rich to be a world changer, or famous to be a history maker."

— Grade 5 student, Chester Lee, Read More

"I learned that in order to live free, I have to forgive."

— Grade 8 student, PL Robertson

"I am compelled to be kind."

— Grade 2 student, Grand Avenue Public School

"I am compelled....to help someone when they fall. "

— Kindergardner, West Oaks Public School.

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