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ON Tuesday. Nov. 28th ICEJ Canada is participating in GIVING TUESDAY by raising funds for elderly Holocaust Survivors in Haifa and new Olim who even in wartime have arrived in Israel.

GREAT NEWS: All donations will be MATCHED up to $50,000 for Giving Tuesday!

The Holocaust Survivors Home in Haifa

In 2009, the ICEJ began a partnership with a local charity to provide a warm community/Home for Survivors in Haifa. This unique joint project between Christians and Jews offers assisted-living facilities and a warm community of loving Israeli staff and ICEJ volunteers looking after their daily needs.

The sudden outbreak of war on October 7 on the Jewish celebration of Simchat Torah and the horrific atrocities perpetrated against innocent civilians and soldiers has left Israel in great shock and grief. The “Never Again” of the Holocaust became suddenly: “It’s happening again!”

The pure hatred of Jews living in Israel and outside the Land has raised its ugly head with great vengeance. This certainly has a great impact on our residents. Our 97-year-old resident Sarah was so scared that she didn’t want to leave her room anymore—not even to the dining room to eat.

Also, the fact that many of her (great) grandchildren are called up in the army is difficult for her to handle. Fortunately, she is doing better now and was able to go again for a little walk with her caregiver. When one of our staff asked her how she was doing, she said: ”I am closer to turning 100.”

The Haifa Home for Holocaust Survivors is a community that is comprised of 3 main social & admin buildings and many apartments in over 19 low rise buildings on 3 streets. Due to this extraordinary "Home" many of the old buildings and apartments are in constant need for maintenance and reconstruction to adapt to the changing needs of an aging population.  

We may not be able to take away all their nightmares and struggles, but together with YOUR help we can provide a comforting, loving, and caring home for their twilight years with:

  • 24/7 quality care provided by professionally trained staff and medical nurses
  • 3 nutritious meals a day
  • Community and therapeutic activities
  • Renovation and maintenance of the facility
  • A warm and loving assisted living home You can be the hands and feet that give love and comfort to those who have suffered so much.

The Mentoring Project:

Aliyah to Israel is continuing despite the intense war with Hamas in Gaza, and the pace could even pick up given the current wave of antisemitism sweeping the globe, as evidenced recently in the near pogrom in Dagestan, Russia.

So far this year, the ICEJ has assisted over 5,000 Jewish immigrants during various stages of their journey home to Israel, as well as with immediate integration needs. Once they arrive in Israel, many of them need tremendous support, which is why ICEJ Canada has sponsored this special “Mentoring Project“.

Each of the trained mentors we support will work closely with up to 20 families for two to five years depending on their needs after they have left the absorption centre. The acclimatization process takes a long time and there are different needs at different stages.

All donations will be MATCHED up to $50,000 for Giving Tuesday!

God bless you!

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