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WOMEN AT RISK - The Red Carpet Centre Tel Aviv

Campaign Ends Sept. 1, 2020

The Red Carpet Centre Tel Aviv:  Since the 90’s Israel has become one of the central destinations for trafficking in women, developing as a result of the breakdown of the former Soviet Union that brought a social and economic crisis. Their social safety nets crashed and indifferent law enforcement contributed to allowing the prosperous trafficking in women business to flourish. 

Studies show 82% of the women and youth in prostitution have suffered from physical violence and abuse. The area of the central bus station in Tel Aviv has become a drug centre with many brothels. Despite efforts to eradicate the problem, it doesn’t disappear it simply grows and moves locations. In the midst of the devastation of lives a local group offer help. Through them some prostitutes have managed to save their babies from abortion or begin the process of rehabilitation.

The Red Carpet Centre - provides a safe place to sleep, food, a shower, medical treatment, clothes, job training and council, at present 20 - 30 prostitutes, including transvestites come for assistance when the centre is open 2 days a week. 

Our goal is to raise enough funds to help secure a larger renovated facility, cover operational expenses including part time staff and supplies needed for their programs to be open each day. That way the women at risk will have security on an on going basis.

Please consider becoming an advocate for these women, help us raise awareness and funds to keep the Red Carpet Centre functioning seven days a week by sharing the story with your friends, creating your own Canada Helps Giving Page for this project, or using the charity gift cards to donate to the Red Carpet Centre project.

ICEJ Canada sincerely appreciates your help to achieve this goal. God bless you!

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