Ross Farm Museum


Business Number: 108090077RR0001

Our Mission

Ross Farm Museum's mission is to preserve the physical fabric of the Ross Family Farm, to interpret the story, practices and values typical of farm life in Nova Scotia and to encourage an understanding of the contemporary relevance of traditional agriculture by demonstrating & teaching sustainable agricultural practices.

About Ross Farm Museum

Ross Farm Museum is a window into the past of Nova Scotia’s rich agricultural history with many things to see and do that the whole family will enjoy.

Established in 1969, The Ross Farm Museum is located on highway #12 in New Ross, Nova Scotia, just 15 minutes from the Lighthouse route, or 25 minutes from the Gloosecap trail. Our Museum is a living, working, farm museum depicting 150 years of agriculture in Nova Scotia. We are a single family upland farm on land originally granted to Captain William Ross. Ross Farm Museum is still being farmed with Oxen, the way it was in the late 1800s. In Rosebank Cottage, the original home of the Ross family built in 1817, you may see food being prepared over an open fire, straw hats being woven, wool or flax being spun, butter being churned, or many other skills being demonstrated that were daily chores for our forefathers, but are now almost lost.

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