Street Haven at the Crossroads


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Our Mission

Street Haven offers pathways for women experiencing or at risk of homelessness, through a variety of integrated services in which women support women:

Our Vision

A community where all women are safe. 


Street Haven at the Crossroads is a multi-service agency that provides wraparound services for women experiencing chronic and episodic homelessness. Chronically homeless women face a myriad of social and personal problems. At Street Haven, women have access to a service continuum that includes Emergency Shelter, Addiction Services, Supportive Housing and a Learning Centre.

This continuum of services includes immediate support for women who come to Street Haven at the Crossroads off the street, the provision of meals and a place to sleep, a place to heal, a place to grow and a place to live independently, in accordance with what each individual woman is ready to handle and in recognition of the varied potential of each woman.

The women we see at Street Haven are strong beyond measure. Having a community to rely on makes a huge difference in their ability to move forward in life. We serve an average of 1400 women each year.

Our Programs


Nestled in a beautiful heritage house in the heart of downtown Toronto, this 48-bed shelter serves single women. We provide basic living needs: shelter, safety, meals, clothing, hot showers, medical and other necessary resoureces and supports for a variety of challenges ranging from mental health issues to experiences of violence, substance abuse issues, physical illness, fleeing from domestic violence, and in all cases, extreme poverty and trauma. The Shelter is abstinence based.

An important aspect of Shelter work is our Housing Help Services, assisting women in searching, finding and securing permanent, affordable housing. As well, we offer support to women once housed to ensure successful ongoing housing. Housing stabilization is a major commitment of our Shelter program.


We have both a residential treatment program called Grant House and an outreach program for women living in the community. The services for women experiencing substance abuse issues begins at Grant House, a 10-bed residential abstinence-based treatment program. This is an intensive six-month treatment program. Women can access this program from the community and from the justice system. The treatment program is intensive, trauma-centred and focuses on profound changes of lifestyle and behaviour.

The outreach program is available for women leaving the residential program and to other women living in the community who require support, resources, counselling and help in life planning. The community program is harm reduction based and available to women for a period of two years.


We provide supportive housing for 32 women in three different locations in downtown Toronto. Women learn to live independently after recovering from massive trauma, mental health issues and/or substance abuse issues. With varying degrees of staffing in our separate locations, staff support women to become active members in their communities, encouraging each woman to set and work towards her own goals. We offer a variety of workshops and programs to enhance life-skills and communications.

Two of our supportive housing locations are in close proximity to our Shelter, which offers women opportunities to socialize, volunteer and mentor women living in our Shelter.


The Learning Centre provides comprehensive education services for women. Women have access to a daily literacy and numeracy class, individual tutoring and daily small groups suitable for emerging learners. Learners are also encouraged to access workshops and enhance skills through our Computer Lab and Pre-Employment services. The Learning Centre uses a modular learning method, which allows learners to work towards clearly defined goals at their own pace and in their individual learning styles. With an emphasis on integrated learning, the Learning Centre has regular guest speakers, field trips and community engagement activities. Situated within Street Haven's continuum of services, the Learning Centre is also able to provide information and referrals for housing, counselling and addiction services.

What People Are Saying

""Street Haven gave me a sense of home for the first time in my life. They showed me what unconditional love was, and in that I learned to love myself." "

— Anonymous, client

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