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Our Mission

To improve the health and education of children and youth in Nepal, northern India, and Tibet.


The Trans-Himalayan Aid Society (TRAS) is a Vancouver-based non-profit international development organization that seeks to improve the health and education of children and youth in Tibet, Nepal and northern India, working with local partners in the region.

TRAS holds no political or religious affiliations, and assists communities on the basis of humanitarian need.

TRAS was founded in 1962, as the Tibetan Refugee Aid Society. Since 1962, TRAS has funded an array of projects in India, Nepal and Tibet. These range from a large ten-year integrated rural development project amounting to nearly $1 million, to ongoing multi-year educational and health related projects of $30,000 to $60,000 each, to small projects needing annual or one-time support of $2,000 to $5,000. TRAS has funded just over 300 projects in the region.

The early thrust of TRAS’s work was directed to supporting Tibetan refugees. Later, TRAS funds contributed to the creation of Tibetan settlements in northern and southern India. In the 1980’s TRAS reached out to Indian villages near and beyond the Tibetan settlements, and gradually was able to take on larger integrated rural development projects in Nepal as well. Current TRAS projects continue to support our belief that communities thrive when their children are healthy and educations.

TRAS accomplishes this with sponsorship programs (supporting the education of individual children) and scholarship (supporting individual post-secondary students) as well as a variety of projects. Some current projects include:

READI Nepal Education Project: TRAS has partnered with Rural Empowerment and Development Initiatives (READI) Nepal to provide education for the poorest children in remote north-western Nepal.

Munsel-ling Laundry Project : There are 500 children attending the Munsel-ling School in the Spiti Valley of northern India. Currently they wash their clothes by wearing them, soaping their clothes, and standing in a murky grey water pond or in one of the irrigation channels leading from it to nearby farmers’ fields.  The results are poorly washed clothes, skin diseases and soapy water ruining the crops. TRAS has promised to build a large water storage tank to collect clean spring water, two simple outdoor laundry stations (one for the girls, one for the boys) and a soak pit to remove the soap residue from the water before it reaches the farmers’ fields.

Voice of Children Education Project: Voice of Children (VOC) is run by AMAN and VIMARSH, two Indian NGOs in the Almora and Nainital Districts of northern India, and supported by TRAS. AMAN and VIMARSH are currently working in twelve rural villages, all of which are anywhere between 2km to 27km from their nearest road, and which face many challenges in accessing education and health services. VOC aims to improve the lives of rural villagers by focusing on promoting education, keeping kids in school, and ensuring access to basic health care facilities, especially for girls, scheduled castes, and the poor.

Tibetan Nurses Training Project (CTA): A number of small hospitals and clinics are run by the Tibetan government-in-exile for the Tibetans in India, Nepal and Bhutan.  For over 20 years TRAS has supported the training of Tibetan nurses by offering up to 8 scholarships per year.  The students are trained at excellent Indian teaching hospitals.  TRAS is keen to continue this project which helps many young Tibetan women fulfil their ambition to succeed at a useful career, while achieving independence for themselves along with the ability to help support their own families.

TRAS relies on the generosity of its donors.

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