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Our Values

Lived Experience. People with lived experience of a mental illness are valued and respected members of Hope and Me - MDAO. We are empathetic to their journey. We recognize and value the diversity of individuals’ lived experiences and strive to ensure our services are integrated and designed to meet their needs. We understand the power of sharing lived experience through peer support as a source of hope and support for recovery, and value the empathy that comes from shared lived experience.

Compassion. We intend that everything we do is done with compassion and empathy for our clients. We value interpersonal relationships that honour authenticity, trust and respect.

Accessibility. We strive to be accessible, inclusive and responsive to people when they need help. We value self-determination and we honour an individual’s independence and intrinsic right to make their own choices as they establish their path to recovery.

Collaboration and Integrity. We understand the importance of building effective vertical and horizontal partnerships with other health services providers to leverage the strengths and capacity of our organization and others in the overall provision of the mental health services in our communities. We value honesty, consistency, and accountability in all our partnerships.

Innovation. We recognize the need to continuously challenge ourselves to develop new ideas and innovate program and service offerings that foster resilience and meet diverse community needs.

Our Work

The Mood Disorders Association of Ontario offers free support and recovery programs to people across Ontario living with depression, anxiety or bipolar disorder. We provide drop-in peer support groups, recovery programs, family and youth clinical support, early intervention for mood disorders and psychosis and online tools focused on wellness and recovery.

Our Impact

  • 160,623 is the total number of people served across Ontario;
  • 19,726 is the number of people served in peer support and recovery groups across Ontario;
  • 10,916 is the average number of monthly visitors to our website;
  • 3,412 is the number of people supported through our toll-free phone line;
  • 1,502 is the number of peer support and recovery sessions held across Ontario;
  • 1,090 is the number of individuals who attended our fairs and community presentation;
  • 13,000 is the number of volunteer hours; and
  • 1,015 is the number of families and young people who received clinical support.

Our Vision

People with mood disorders and their families receive the support they need in order to recover and lead healthy lives.

Our Mission

To deliver quality peer support and clinical programs and services, developed through the lens of lived experience, offering hope to those living with mood disorders and their families, and empowering their recovery.

What People Are Saying

"About 10% of Canadians 15 years or older have experienced depression at some point, but many do not know what their options are or what to expect when seeking treatment. People with depressive symptoms can vary widely in their response to a given treatment, and about one third fail to respond."

— Dr. Sagar Parikh

"The experience of depression is quite common, more common than you might think. In the throes of it, even the most everyday tasks and decisions can seem extremely challenging."

— Petra Dreiser, CHOICE-D author

"I was able to take my experiences with addiction, suicide, clinical depression, chronic health issues and sexual abuse [to] an environment where I felt comfortable. What I have taken away has been conquering my fear of public speaking. I am eternally grateful to MDAO for Laughing Like Crazy."

— Hope and Me 'Laughing Like Crazy' event participant

"WRAP was a great way to learn about Wellness tools in a way that I had never thought of before. It allowed me to make several lifestyle changes. I really benefited by the safe and effective manner in the way it was delivered at the MDAO."

— Garner

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