Centre l'Entre-Toit


Business Number: 131550436RR0001

Our mission                                     

The Entre-Toit Center is a community organization whose mission is to facilitate the stabilization and reintroduction into the community of adults who have mental health problems as well as conflicts with the judicial system (and drug addiction in certain cases).

About us

  • We offer transitory group home housing resources and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We serve the Greater Montreal and Laurentian area.

Our expertise in risk management makes us an intermediary resource qualified to recognize the early symptoms of mental illness. We work in collaboration with partners and treatment teams to house people who would otherwise need to be hospitalized again.

  • Our sector of social reintegration aims at helping persons who have mental health problems and are serving a provincial sentence. One hundred persons receive services of follow up and support.


  • We have also developed a support program intended for families and relatives of criminalized individuals suffering from psychiatric problems. The program offers them a common space where they can share their experiences and have professionals working in the area of legal psychiatry answer their questions.


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