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Our Mission

PBI works to open a space for peace in which conflicts can be dealt with non-violently. We use a strategy of international presence and concern that supports local initiatives and contributes to developing a culture of peace and justice. We act on request of local non-violent groups working for human rights and social change in regions where there is oppression and conflict.

The aim of PBI's international presence is to accompany both political and social processes through a joint strategy of deterring violence and promoting active non-violence. Our international teams of volunteers use methods such as protective accompaniment, peace education, and independent observation and analysis of the conflict situation. In addition, PBI learns about, develops, and models forms of nonviolent intervention. Where possible, we initiate contacts with all the parties to a conflict in order to inform of our presence.

PBI supports this work through a broad international network of organizations and individuals. Our identity is built upon non-hierarchical structures and consensual processes.

While our most visible work is carried out in the field projects, our 14 country groups serve as anchors to the organization, providing the support each project needs to protect human rights defenders and peace activists.

PBI’s country groups are integral to building support networks, public education around human rights and nonviolence, recruiting volunteers both for PBI’s field projects and for work in our national groups, supporting returned field volunteers and fundraising to pay for it all.

It’s because of the worldwide support systems built by PBI-Canada and the other country groups that our field volunteers are able to help protect human rights defenders with such success.


We are an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that uses nonviolent action to deter political violence and expand the physical and political space so that human rights defenders can continue their work in areas of conflict. On request, we send international volunteers to provide protective accompaniment and an international presence to local defenders and displaced communities who fear for their safety.

Inspired by Gandhi’s practice of nonviolence, our methods work because those who wish to harm human rights defenders usually don’t want the world to know about their crimes. Our presence alone sends a powerful message: the world is watching.

What People Are Saying

"This pioneering work that PBI has done is for me something exemplary which has undoubtedly saved the lives of numerous HRDs, union organizers, political participants and others who were threatened and who, without the presence of PBI by their side, would have been disappeared or killed."

— Michael Forst, Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders, Read More

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