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Imagine you had a child that was diagnosed with a serious illness…  

Your first reaction is to feel literally numb wanting to take their pain head on.  Your second thought is to spend every waking moment with your child providing them with the best treatment plan this world has to offer. 

That is often not the reality… 

The reality is that there are an overwhelming number of expenses related to a serious illness not covered by our healthcare system and many families these days are living on extremely modest incomes.  Parents in this situation often have to take considerable time off work some without pay and in many instances they are unable to work due to the high care demands of their child. 

The Jennifer Ashleigh Children’s Charity (JACC) provides financial support for Ontario families struggling to access the medical care and treatment costs surrounding their child’s illness. 

Your support assists seriously ill children and their families with special treatment needs, medical expenses and financial assistance in times of need.

You help parents stay close to their sick child during trying times, and ease their financial burdens so they can focus on their child.

There are lots of ways you can help! You can make a donation, volunteer your time, host an event – let’s change lives together!

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