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Our Mission

Sheatre is an award-winning, multi-disciplinary, community arts organization.  Our mission is to inspire creative expression, transformative learning and change through socially relevant workshops and productions.


We believe in the power of theatre and the arts to change lives and help build a compassionate and healthy society.

Artists and community members work collaboratively to co-create a project using immersive creative processes that are as important as the product. We create events suited to a community’s unique demographics, current issues and history, and that are a true expression of their individuality and their relationship to the world. Our goal is to stimulate understanding, discussion and change.

Founded in 1985, our events have attracted over 152,900 people of all ages in Canada, the US and Europe. We have produced and co-facilitated over 112 community plays and theatre forum presentations, and hundreds of workshops. Sheatre’s work is project based.  Joan Chandler is the company's founding and current Artistic Director.

Sheatre primarily serves rural and small urban communities.   Our office is located in rural Ontario, near Wiarton, between Lake Huron and Georgian Bay. 

What People Are Saying

" You guys were incredible. You're doing great things and you're very down to Earth. Keep going; you're changing the world. :) "

— Travis, student, Regina, SK

"They have consistently engaged community partners, presented appropriate information and considered messages, and stoked community interest and conversation."

— Jon Farmer, Coordinator, Violence Prevention Grey Bruce

"The only negative feedback was how come the grades 11 and 12’s didn’t get to go, because everyone was talking about it in the school and wanted more. About another 8 – 10 people are going to be joining the GSA from the exposure and publicity and the discussion that day. So it was great."

— Andrea Butler, Teacher, Bracebridge, ON

"I cannot imagine an investment that has the potential to impact so many students within Bluewater and provide our staff with the necessary resources to tackle the crucial conversations that must take place related to relationship issues.""

— Mary Anne Alton, then Director of Education, Bluewater School Board

"The messages were quite powerful.”"

— Susan Hay, GlobalTV, Toronto

"While the actors shone in their performance, the real kudos must go to the students who courageously went forward and expressed their views in words and action. They became the teachers of the lessons, they became the local heroes. "

— The Kipling Citizen, SK

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